NSS Report 2020-2021

NSS Report 2020-21

1.    Mask distribution by Principal Dr. Preeti Johari, and the Mayor Mathura, Dr. Mukesh Aryabandhu on 03-07-2020.

2.    04.07.2020 –National Webinar on ‘How to Deal with Stress and Depression’.

3.    A National Webinar on ‘New Horizons of Atmanirbhar Bharat was organized.

4.    06.07.2020 to 12.07.2020 –One week Tree Plantation programme.

5.    08.07.2020 – Online Poetry Recitation programme on Corona, Radhika Shrivastava got first position.

6.    06.09.2020 – A Quiz competition on Voting Rights and Covid-19 Awareness. Participants received certificates.

7.    02.10.2020 – Plogging race, tree plantation and mask distribution programme on  Gandhi Jayanti.

8.    15.10.2020 – International Handwash Day was celebrated under the supervision of  Dr. Seema Sharma.

9.    17.10.2020 – A tree plantation drive on the occasion of the Prime Minister P.M. Modi’s birthday.

10.Govt. proposed Mission Shakti programme from 17.10.2020 to 25.10.2020. Students received 10 days Martial Arts training.  Webinar and Yoga sessions were conducted. – A webinar on ‘The Impact of open Spitting and Covid 19’ was organized in collaboration with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Agra and Health Foundation.