Scorpio 24th OCT - 21st NOV

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign - Characteristics, Behaviour and Personality

The red planet Mars is the ruling Lord of Scorpio zodiac sign. This planet is responsible for making Scorpio natives serious, fearless, stubborn at times, swift and emotional at the same time. Usually other people do not commit the mistake of taking Scorpio natives lightly. They are known for living life on their own terms and having fierce control over their luck and fortunes.

Symbol of Scorpio Zodiac Sign : The zodiac sign Scorpio is symbolised by the fearsome insect, Scorpion. The natives of this zodiac sign are known for their quiet nature and carrying out conversations with extreme benevolence. Along with being quiet, they are also equally kind.

Physical Formation of Scorpio Natives : The natives of Scorpio zodiac sign have flat palms and their hands are slightly longer and less wide. Also, their fingers are thick and thumbs small, which is a symbol of perseverance and persistence present in such natives.

Personality of Scorpio Natives : Scorpio native are sensitive in nature most of the times they are successful making it big in life. The native of such a zodiac sign are not much fond of traditions and conventions. They like to follow challenges and are quite ambitious.

Hobbies of Scorpio Natives: : The people of Scorpio zodiac sign are also fond of expensive cars and different kinds of ornaments. They also prefer to read romantic as well as crime novels.

Flaws of Scorpio Natives : : The biggest flaw of Scorpio natives is that they are quite afraid to use their inner courage and counterattacks directly. People of this zodiac appear to be calm from the outside, but there is always a sense of revenge prevailing inside them and when the right time comes, they do not fail to pounce on their enemies.

Business and Education of Scorpio Natives : People belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign have very strong chances of acquiring success in fields like Medicine, Astrology, Science, Management, Commerce and Political science. On the other hand, if we talk about their business, then we can get success in all these areas like Buying and selling, Medicine, Electric appliances etc.

Love Life of Scorpio Natives : These natives registered under the eighth sign of the zodiac sign have a thirst for love and affection. They only want their love to be reciprocated well. At the same time, they are also very romantic and emotional.

Love and Marital Life of Scorpio Natives : The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Scorpio wish for an optimum amount of satisfaction from their partners. If the partners do not live up to their expectations, then Scorpions can even think of calling its quits. The concerned individuals also fail to maintain a harmonious bond with their relatives and kinsmen.

Friends of Scorpio Natives : Scorpio natives maintain a decent relationship with the ones who belong to the zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs. Apart from this, they should remain careful of Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs.

Lucky Number For Scorpio Natives : 9

Lucky Colour For Scorpio Natives : Red and Beige Colour

Lucky Day For Scorpio Natives : Tuesday

Lucky Gemstone For Scorpio Natives : Coral


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