Sagittarius 22nd NOV - 21st DEC

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign - Characteristics, Behaviour and Personality

The planet Jupiter happens to be the ruling lord of Sagittarius zodiac sign. Very often, the natives belonging to this sign tend to be influential, radiant and quite optimistic about the upcoming days of their life. Along with possessing a religious bent of mind, Sagittarius individuals are also quite intelligent. Usually, it is seen that Sagittarius natives have a very good sense of fashion and they are quite loyal and faithful at the same time.

Symbol of Zodiac Sign Sagittarius : The sign of Sagittarius is a 'horse man' whose back part is a horse and the front part is a human who carries a bow in his hand. This zodiac sign and symbolism offered by the human part, which has an arrow bow in its hand, clearly shows that the Sagi folks are spiritual beings.

Physical Formation of Sagittarius Natives : The natives belonging to this sign have a quite strong physique. Their hair is also of supreme quality and eyes are very bright, which make them quite attractive. They have a very deep baritone which makes them stand out in the crowd because of which people are attracted to them very easily.

Personality of Sagittarius Natives: : Natives belonging to the zodiac sign Sagittarius do not trust anyone and anything easily. Because of possessing an inherent curiosity regarding everything, they also tend to develop a lust for knowledge. Those who are born under this zodiac sign are not very much open to the idea of bondage/dependency. Their independence is quite dear to them.

Hobbies/Likes of Sagittarius Natives : Sagittarius status are born bibliophiles. Reading books and novels are hobbies which are quite dear to them. They also dream of making it to the world of Television someday and attain fame Apart from this, they are also seen taking special interest in activities associated with Tourism.

Flaws of Sagittarius Natives : Sagittarius natives tend to get angry very easily. Those who are born under this sign are not very keen in making and nurturing familial bonds. Sagittarians also have the reputation of being spendthrifts.

Education and Business of Sagittarius Natives : Sagittarius nature can do very well in the fields of medical Science, Astronomy, Science subjects, and Management. They are also very much capable of becoming a successful Politician, Human Resource Manager, an NGO employee, Teacher and many others.

Love Relations of Sagittarius Natives : The people of Sagittarius are cheerful, adorable and fun-loving. These people possess romantic and dramatic qualities. They also think of marriage as a hobby and get married to try their luck at it.

Marital and Domestic Life of Sagittarius Natives : Marital life of Sagittarius native remains a prosperous and Happy one. They accept love and reciprocate it very well. They are seen going through pain and suffering from their very childhood, but as they grew up, things fall into place and they remain at the receiving end of happiness.

Friends of Sagittarius Natives : On one hand, Sagittarians maintain a friendly bond with the ones who are registered under the signs Aries, Leo and Scorpio. While on the other hand, they maintain inimical relations with the one who belong to Taurus, Gemini and Libra Zodiac signs.

Lucky Number For Sagittarius Natives : 3

Lucky Colour For Sagittarius Natives : Yellow, Light Sky Blue, Light Green, Pink and Purple

Lucky Day For Sagittarius Natives : Thursday

Lucky Gemstone For Sagittarius Natives : Pookhraj


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