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‘Sachin Retired 10 Years Ago, Still … And Then There is Kohli’ - Virat Trolled for Post on Anushka Sharma

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Last Updated: September 03, 2022, 09:37 IST

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Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma trolled (PhotoS: Twitter/Screengrabs)

Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma trolled (PhotoS: Twitter/Screengrabs)

It did not take much for the social media keyboard warriors to latch on to Virat Kohli’s latest post for his wife Anushka Sharma on twitter and troll him

Virat Kohli posted a picture of his wife Anushka Sharma on his social media handles with a simple caption that had the word ‘My’ and two emoji – world and heart. Quite simple on would think. Kohli has never been one who has shied away from expressing his love for his wife on social media and Thursday was no different either. However, this is the ‘Virat Kohli’ we are talking about – one of the most followed and scrutinised Indian celebrities – if not the most, and it did not take much for the troll army to latch on to Kohli’s latest post and target him, quite unnecessarily, one might add.

So, why is the former Indian skipper being targeted by social media trolls on a random post for his wife Anushka Sharma?

The latest trend on social media, more specifically on Twitter, has been the one-word trend and everybody is joining in on the bandwagon including the great Sachin Tendulkar as he posted the word ‘cricket’ on the micro-blogging website. Kohli on the other hand, presumably, following the trend (we are not sure), modified it with, well, a single word ‘My’ and followed it up with two emojis for his wife, accompanying her photo. Now, the issue for some of the anonymous keyboard warriors is that for an Indian cricketer cricket should come first; like for Tendulkar. And many are up in arms on how could Kohli ignore that very fact and add a post for his wife instead. Absurd logic? Well, there has been no dearth of that, innit?

The hate is as much as targeted towards Anushka as it is for Kohli.

The Indian cricketer has been targeted for various other reasons and frankly for some non-issues also, but one good thing is that Kohli has an equal number of backers as he has haters, so to speak.

His post on this also found a bit of mileage on Instagram as well when David Warner found himself in troubled waters for his remarks on the post. After Kohli posted a picture of her, Warner replied to the post which was taken out of context by many fans. “Lucky Man, Mate” was the exact remark. No surprises, it created a furore.

This resulted in a lot of heat from the fans. Some of them questioned Warner’s intention behind it which ultimately led to the Southpaw coming out and clarifying what he really meant.

“We are very lucky to have supportive wives,” while to another, he replied: “It’s a saying we use in Australia like I would say I’m lucky to have Candice Warner. So, when we say to others, we say “You’re lucky, mate” or “You’re blessed, mate”. Interpretation is always going to be different.”

Even after this clarification, fans continued to hammer Warner while some of them also backed him to the hilt. In the end, it was Kohli who had to come out and issue a clarification. . “I know, mate,” he replied.

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first published:September 03, 2022, 09:36 IST
last updated:September 03, 2022, 09:37 IST