Principal's Corner

Dear Friends,

            It’s again the time to share my views with you. As the session is about to end, besides the seriousness for preparation of exams, the enthusiastic eyes of the students are full of their future dreams. The maturity gained during the session that has passed now is apparent in the concern of students to perform best in the exams & move towards a challenging and satisfying career.

            Apart from the conventional studies for which you came here & the skills that you’ve enquired, I am sure you’ve learnt many other lessons of life such as community living, harmony, discipline and focusing on your goal. The way you’ve been taught here and the campus environment provided to you, will always be reflected in your personality and your future achievements.

Today, I want to share with you the biggest secret of success, i.e. there is no such secret. The basic factors for success have been unveiled again and again. However summarizing these factors for you is a matter of joy and satisfaction for me.

            First thing you should know about yourself is that your potential is limitless. You should always learn to explore your special power to attract whatever you dream for. You must also be absolutely clear and focused about your goal.

            Then, you must start gathering more and more knowledge by reading, listening to audios and watching videos on the subject of your interest. Always try to refresh and update your knowledge in this fast changing world. A knowledge that is relevant today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Also being among the top 10 percent in your field will build up a high confidence and a positive attitude in you.

            Next, you should try to socialize with more and more such people who have achieved success and have a positive and encouraging attitude. Developing good relationships with people will unlock many avenues for you. These qualities, combined with the habit of using your time and money judiciously and being focused and action oriented, will take you a long way.

In any field of life, a strong and high moral character is an essential blend for success. The better a person you become from inside, the better will be the quality of your life. This can be achieved only through practicing qualities which you admire and respect the most. Combining all these values together will make you an absolutely positive, future focused, highly energetic likeable and optimistic human being, or in other words, you’ll be totally unstoppable. Then only, you will achieve every goal that you ever set for yourself and will make us all proud of you. Of course, my love will always accompany you on every path of success.

            With blessings,


(Preeti Johari)