Why You Should
Consume More

One of the most effective foods
for weight loss is seafood. It has
an improbably low calorie count.

Omega-3 fatty acids,
crucial elements for
promoting heart health,
are abundant in seafood.

The omega-3 fatty fish nutrients
DHA and EPA are also crucial for
maintaining eye health.

+ + +


Regular fish consumption
aids in children's brain
development and growth,
and it may even increase IQ.

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Consuming enough protein will
help you maintain a healthy
metabolism, steady blood sugar
levels, and a high level of energy.

Crab, clams, mussels, and
other types of seafood are
particularly rich in vitamin
B-12, which helps prevent
dementia and depression.

Vitamin D is crucial for bone
health, but recent studies
suggest it may also help
prevent the common cold.

Although one third of the world's
fish population is gravely
endangered, choosing to
exclusively consume sustainable
seafood can make a difference.

Canned seafood like
albacore tuna, salmon, and
sardines is more affordable
than fresh fish if cost and
convenience are concerns.

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