Benefits Of
Applying Tomato
On Your Skin

Tomato paste can help
reduce open pores and
blackheads on the face.

It can help with skin
lightening and also
refreshes dull cells.

Tomato paste is very
helpful with skin tanning
and helps reduce them.

If you have been facing
dryness caused due to
sun, make sure to use
some tomatoes.

Tomatoes can soothe the skin,
reduce heat on the skin's
surface and reduce redness.

A tomato scrub can help
exfoliate, cleanse, de-tan and
nourish the skin naturally.

Tomatoes can be helpful
if you have been trying to
reduce the oiliness
of your skin.

Tomatoes contain vitamins
A, C, and K which will help
reduce acnes.

Tomatoes have collagen in
abundance and will help
brighten your skin.

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