Offbeat Goan Islands For A Memorable Holiday



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At Ilha Grande, you can see the famous Aguada Fort, Central Jail, and the renowned lighthouse.

Divar Island is studded with charming homes that beautifully display the elegance of traditional Portuguese architectural design.

One of the largest islands in the state of Goa, Chorao Island is located just five kilometres from the tourist paradise's capital.

Butterfly Island will undoubtedly make your trip unforgettable in some manner.

During your trip to Goa, make sure to stop at So Jacinto Island at least once to spend some time alone exploring its thick woodlands.

Conco Island is a lovely island with a five-acre expanse of lush greenery, is not far from the well-known Palolem Beach.

Raneache Zuvem is regarded by many as one of the island's most picturesque spots.

Also referred to as the Island of Fishermen, Vanxim Island is situated in the centre of the Taluka of Tiswadi.

Known for being the natural habitat of Indian crocodiles, Cumbarja Island is frequently recommended as a must-see island for first-time visitors.

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