Stretches To Reduce Lower Back Pain & Improve Your Posture

20-30 seconds of the child's pose will help you with contracted muscles and give you some much needed relief. 

The cat stretch will reduce soreness if any and is also very easy to perform.

Supine twisting stretch not only helps in stretching your lower back but also your glutes. 

The knee-to-chest stretch will help you with back pain & in reducing your lower-abs.

The pelvic tilt is extremely helpful in increasing your lower body flexibility.

Supine figure stretch pose helps in opening up hips & massaging your low back. 

Hand-to-big toe stretch will also help you if struggling to reduce thigh fat. 

Gomukhasana is a classic yoga that will strengthen your lower back. 

Bridge pose helps you with an over all body development in terms of strength and flexibility.

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