Why Men Are Reluctant To Discuss Their Mental Health

Having a mental health issue is not a sign of weakness; rather, it is a health issue that can strike anyone at any time in life and is curable.

Men are raised to believe that vulnerability and manliness are mutually exclusive. They learn this false belief as children and do not ask for assistance.

Even if a campaign is aimed towards males, it needs to be done in a way that connects with men on a personal level.

While there are various reasons why men do not ask for assistance, one of the main ones is that they are uncomfortable being the only frail member of a group.

They debate whether to talk to their parents, close friends, or even a therapist. However, they choose not to do so out of concern for the possible consequences of being vulnerable.

Unknowingly, we discredit someone who is actually in need of assistance.

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Asking for assistance and not receiving it in return is the worst possible situation. They could have an excessive expectation of being soothed, which finally leaves them disappointed.

The rising emptiness they experience from being alone or from not having someone to share their life with just makes their mental state worse.

Men exhibit those feelings and symptoms in a completely different way than women. Men demonstrate it by their impulsivity, impatience, and anger.

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