9 Calming Activities Before Bedtime

Listening to ASMR videos and audio will help soothe your soul and help ground yourself emotionally.

Meditation can help you erase negative thoughts from your mind and focus on what you need to.

Recently, a lot of studies have been indicating towards the fact that listening to sleep hypnosis audios can be of great help.

Music can help soothe and relax your brain which will eventually lead to a good sleep at night.

Massage your muscles because one major reason why someone cannot sleep at night is because our muscles tense up due to anxiety.

Take a few minutes off to write a diary and embark on a mindfulness journey.

Jot down a to-do list for the next day in order to lubricate and tire your brain so that you feel intense pressure.

Nothing comes quite close to soaking yourself in a warm bath to relax your muscles and prepare you for sleep.

Unwind yourself and play a relaxing game by yourself or with your family.